Monthly Archives: June 2016

  1. Sharon Ethington – Life Memories

    Our Guest, Sharon, shares some of her memorable moments with us today. We’ve enjoyed her company here!  

  2. Sylvan Seely – Being a Father

    Sylvan Seely talks about the proudest day of his life; the day he fathered a son! Thanks for sharing with us Sylvan.  

  3. Carla Nichols – Big Farm with a Big Family – Magnificent Monday Memories

    Carla Nichols, Family Farm Our guest, Carla, grew up on a large family farm and recalls an incident with her dad when he forgave her.…

  4. State of the Union Address- Gerald Sherratt

    Gerald served as the mayor of Cedar City, Utah for eight years and during that time was able to attend the State of the Union…