Idaho local, Carole Erickson, tells us about how she met the love of her life working a summer job in her youth, but it wasn’t love at first sight… hear the whole story here! She also shares other adventures of her life.

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  • Karolyne Meuhlfeit Johnson June 16, 2018 at 1:09 am

    I was thinking about my dear friend Carole and got out of bed to google her name and this is what I found. Dee passed away the same year I lost my dad. He and I both worked for Mtn Bell Telephone Co and we became friends. We would meet them at Heise for pizza and we would meet them at Ririe Reservoir where we camped and went fishing in our boats. My ex and I would always go to their home in Archer Idaho to play cards. It was very tough losing Dee and it has been even tougher not to have Carole in my life anymore.
    God bless Carole and hope she can go be with her sweet hubby real soon.


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