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  1. Tom Owens – 78 yrs old with 4 Near Death Experiences

    “Got to 78 [years old], nearly been dead 4 or 5 times” – Tom Owens Watch this week as Tom tells us about 4 near…

  2. Darline Clark – 59 Years of Marriage Bliss

    Darline Clark, a guest here at Madison Carriage Cove, shares with us about her marriage of 59 years and memories of her wonderful family!

  3. James Micklo

    This week, our guest James Micklo shares his memories and feelings of his wife who passed away a year ago. There are many who have…

  4. Gary Steiner – Loving Those Around Us

    This week, our guest Gary Steiner shows us the importance of higher education, as well as loving those around us, no matter how different we…

  5. Sharon Pearson – Visiting Portugal

    This week, our guest Sharon Pearson talks about her time living in Portugal surrounded by poverty and how we need to learn to separate cherished…

  6. Cleo K. Cheney – Traveling & Words of Wisdom

    This week, our guest Cleo K. Cheney shares some of his memories of traveling across the United States and also shares some words of wisdom…

  7. Kent W. Hendricks – Being A Grandfather

    This week our guest Kent W. Hendricks shares some of his experiences as a grandfather and tells us that if we give our children and…

  8. Renee Mason – Family Fishing

    This week, our guest Renee Mason shares how she met her husband and her amazing fishing experience with her family!  

  9. Connie Bird’s Fun Memory riding to Alaska

    Our guest, Connie Bird, shares one of her fun memories riding a Harley to Alaska just after she was married.  

  10. Edwin Larson – Fond Family Memories

    Our Guest, Edwin, shares some of his history and favorite memories. Thank you for your thoughts Edwin!